Passive data acquisition

DataLinc offers a solution for plant floor data collection, management reporting, and statistical analysis of trends. With the ability to interface with PLC’s, serial connections, and ethernet connections; DataLinc is capable of communicating with nearly any device through the use of an innovative driver oriented program. This allows a simple method of adding additional connection information for integrating with multiple devices. Information can be stored locally or with an already defined persistent storage solution, database or file system. DataLinc is a necessity for data collection and reporting in the manufacturing environment. Utilizing production data is the only effective way of limiting faulty product and ensuring a high level of quality.

Torque Data Collection

More and more manufacturers are being required to account for individual build steps used to complete their finished goods. One such step being the placement of every screw or bolt used in the fabrication of an end product. With many modern torque units, data exchange interfaces exist to allow for the acquisition of such vital data, for every turn of a screw. With DataLinc, many contemporary torque controllers are already supported, allowing a seamless integration between your required torque data and your existing product data. For example, by using the Torque Open Protocol format. DataLinc is capable of connecting to and obtaining data from both Stanley Tools QPM Fastening Systems as well as Atlas Copco Assembly Tools. This allows DataLinc to integrate with existing systems as well as allowing for implementation of future changes.

Data collection performs a vital role in the manufacturing environment by providing the means to document, track, and analyze performance trends. Using DataLinc, it is easy to manage and configure multiple devices at the same time. Making use of this data is crucial to eliminating waste and preventing losses because of poor quality.