Mobile Software Development

AirLinc is a process management application that connects with hand held RF terminals in order to provide an easy to use interface that will actively update system information. AirLinc allows for quick mobile software development for terminal applications. Applications are written in a scripting language that does not require the use of advanced programming skills. Users can write applications in a GUI based manager application and then distribute the application to the hand held terminals through a wireless connection. AirLinc provides vital functions in the manufacturing environment, such as process control and inventory management. Applications are SQL compliant and capable of connecting to ODBC data sources as well as having full printer support. AirLinc operates on a wide variety of hand held terminals from many different manufacturers.

Example Uses

Inventory Management

AirLinc has been used as a fully functional inventory management system in multiple manufacturing environments. Through its ability to actively update ODBC data sources, inventory numbers can accurately be tracked throughout the manufacturing process.

AirLinc’s support of full printing capabilities makes tracking which users request what print services. This is useful for label printing, shipping and receiving documentation, requisition orders, and maintenance requests.

Maintenance Management Systems

Maintenance management systems are an effective way to ensure that preventive maintenance is handled as effectively as possible. Scheduled maintenance checks can be handled through an AirLinc system and displayed on the hand held terminal for the Maintenance Department to keep track of. This type of flexibility allows maintenance tasks to be scheduled, updated, and modified to accommodate current needs.

The flexibility of a custom written AirLinc application is nearly limitless and can be useful to any manufacturing environment. AirLinc has been used in countless operations throughout North America and has been an integral part of these systems.