Workcell Management

Summit Workcell Management is a full suite of utilities to design and implement step-by-step operator instruction and guidance. Its robust configuration package allows for a wide range of configuration options for completing complex tasks. Configure a single workcell, or an entire assembly process, through an easy to use graphical designer


DataLinc offers a solution for plant floor data collection, management reporting, and statistical analysis of trends. With the ability to interface with PLC’s, serial connections, and ethernet connections; DataLinc is capable of communicating with nearly any device through the use of an innovative driver oriented program. This allows a simple method of adding additional connection information for integrating with multiple devices. Information can be stored locally or with an already defined persistent storage solution, database or file system. DataLinc is a necessity for data collection and reporting in the manufacturing environment. Utilizing production data is the only effective way of limiting faulty product and ensuring a high level of quality.

Recent posts

QR Code with LabView

I wanted to expand on my previous post about using Java with LabView.   While that is a good example to get your feet wet in using an existing Java library from within LabView, I really want to show how powerful it actually can be.

Java with LabView

Recently, I needed to be able to use parts of our existing code base in LabView, by National Instruments.  After some digging, I found that there is no native support for calling Java code from inside LabView itself.  

Program Stanley Alpha

Summit has recently published a simple API that will program Stanley Alpha, Generation 4, controllers from 3rd party application code.